Love is always very near
Within a wing a gentle prayer
Reaching out to all below
Wings that span a constant glow

Holding you within her heart
Watching as her love imparts
Greatest beauty that you see
Comes from heart so constantly

Love is held with tender care
Within her wings God will share
Sends His angel ever bright
Guiding through each day and night

Wonder in the eyes to see
Love that comes so reverently
Heart of love so filled with happiness
This the peace you can't forget

Hold on to her special wings
Follow her with joy she brings
Within her heart a special treasure
With love so great you cannot measure

Peace and harmony in this life
Angel's wings forever light
Carry you in times of woe
She will never let you go.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2002






Midi "Fairy Tale" by Enya

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