Today we make this journey
Our thoughts of love we share
For we all feel compassion
With sadness we are there
For we are with you always
No matter what the trials
Our tears in life have gathered
They travel many miles
We want to take this moment
To let you know we care
For every pain within your life
Our hearts are with you there
Through life we've carried burdens
With you right by our side
We know the countless friendships
Our history "great pride"
You have been the "Honored"
Who gathered all the strength
To walk with us in dignity
Always at arm's length
So proud we are to call you
The friends who gave their all
To fight for truth and freedom
For us you stand so tall
So on this day of sorrow
When cowards find their way
Hiding in the shadows
With "hatred" they convey
So sad this life is laden
With sorrow and with pain
By ignorance encouraged
By evil that does reign
So we reach in friendship
With gentle words we say
Our loyalty unending
We share your tears each day
We gather as a nation
With all the love we share
To those in life we honor
Our spirits joined in prayer.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
 Copyright July 10, 2005
God Bless You England
Love America

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