Hello there this is Raena
I have a little time
Feeling kind of comfortable
I want to drop a line

Mom left her computer
Went to get the mail
Hope she gets delayed now
I need time to exhale

She doesn't do this often
Computer left on line
So here I am just sitting
Having grand old time

Want to give her present
So I'm typing this with paw
You think that this is easy
Oh boy it's sure a chore

Have to get done quickly
She's surely on her way
She's talking to the postman
She does this every day

Want to wish my Mom
A very Happy Day
Say I love her truly
In a very special way

Have some things to tell her
About the things she does
What a perfect forum
Cause when I'm done I'll run

Please just leave my ears alone
I can't stand it when you clean
Let me run all by myself
I cannot stand the lead

When I'm on the beach
And want to take a bath
Just let me go I promise
I'll come back in a flash

I hate to have to drag you
You just can't let me go
Then you wind up soaking wet
Creating such a show

Stop that screaming at me
Raena where are you
If I am very quite
I'm resting peaceful too

I got myself all pretty
Put this picture here
Aunt Judy made it perfect
I sure wish she lived near

I want to make a promise
On this my Mom's Big Day
That I won't steal her socks
But only for today

You see she gets frustrated
And runs fast after me
Never can she catch me
I'm clever don't you see

But as a special present
She can leave them on the floor
I promise I won't steal them
Just this day for sure

She used to give me cookies
To get her socks from me
But figured out the blackmail
So now pure misery

But anyway I love her
And want her just to know
If I can make her happy
Than that's what makes me glow

I hope you like my photo
It truly is my best
If you want an autograph
Just write a quick request

Oh yes and while I'm here now
I'll take this time to say
Hope that all you Mothers
Have a very special day

Opps I gotta run now
She's walking in the door
There she goes she's screaming
Outta here for sure

Thanks for coming over
Please now no applause
All this done with patience
And use of two left paws.




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