Hi it's me it's Reana
I need to spread some news
I really have a lot to say
These days I have the blues

My Mommie is neglecting me
I tell her so each day
I need another page I say
She's cranky ~ that's okay

I know that she's been suffering
Her back it hurts you see
But every day I stay with her
She needs my company

So there I am just resting
As loyal as can be
No matter what I do now
She won't run after me

I stole her sock this morning
She threw her hands in air
Said Raena whatcha doing
She's pulling out her hair

I need to have attention
I try to lay so still
But looking at the water
I'd love to take a spill

So here I am just sitting
Writing a few lines
My Mommie she is sleeping
I thought I'd come on line

Can you please come over
Spread a little cheer
I need a small vacation
My days are quiet here

I think I hear her stirring
Please don't let her know
I came to write a greeting
It's time for me to go

Oh send me invitations
I'd like to go away
I need someone to run with
If only for a day

Aunt Crissy she comes over
I take Keith for a walk
Then she runs the vaccum
We don't have time to talk

I got an application
For Doggies Spa on Line
The price to high to mention
My credit card declined

Oh I guess I'll leave now
Just hope you're doin fine
I'll send another greeting
I hope you'll be online.



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