Raena Pucillo

~ Doctor, Doctor ~

She woke up feeling poorly
She surely hurt her paw
Mom said get the doctor
That limp is bad for sure

In the car she dragged me
I'm sure it was quite hard
Lifted me to seat now
This trip was longest yard

Sitting next to her now 
Raena don't be scared 
Looked at her with question mark
Straight ahead she stared

Got me to the hospital
Figured I should limp
When I saw my Doctor
He said, oh, that little imp

My Doctor is so handsome
I had to jump and run
They put me in a holding cell
I wanted the warden

I sat in little office
My friends in there were great
All the folks said who is this
Why Raena ~ Goodness sake

She walked into this office
Limping prominent
As soon as she saw cookies
She forgot about ailment

The doctor said Hey Raena
What's the matter dear
She looked at him with soulful eyes
I hurt my paw I fear

Doctor took her paw in hand
Come on now let me see
Nothing wrong with this one
Let's check the other three

Raena was so happy
She jumped so way up high
Doc he scratched his head and said
She sure is looking spry

He laughed and said well maybe
Well watch her for a day
Take her home and listen now
Don't let her run and play

Raena looked at Mommy
Gave a little wink
I think she wants cookie
Her tail was sure in sync

Call me in a day or two
I'm sure that she'll be fine
Mommy looked so all upset
This injury benign

As we started leaving
The doctor said real quick
Bring her in about two days
For another cookie fix

No telling by tomorrow
What I can make her do
My Mommy sure is trained now
She's such a trooper too.

~ Raena Pucillo ~

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