Well guess who ~ Yes it's Raena
And this here's Peek a Boo
We are now all in the family
But I am troubled too

I need to get adjusted
To Peek a Boo each day
She really is quite friendly
But I'm not that way

She lets me drink her water
Roam around her space
But when she comes up the stairs
I act in such disgrace

So Mommy says she's had it
She's telling all my friends
That I am not that friendly
And fences I must mend

And so I found this graphic
It's perfect don't you think
Here we are so very close
And my attitude don't stink

She came a little later
And though I think she's nice
I just can't seem to mingle
I've tried it once or twice

But now I promised Mommy
I'd do my very best
To try to get along with her
And not be such a pest

But you know that is difficult
For dogs and cats to mingle
Since I have been a loner
And insist on being single

But today I'll make an effort
And try at least to please
At least there is a meal in it
That Peek a Boo's some squeeze

She's just a lovely lady
With a gentle attitude
Lets me eat her fiddles
She gives me latitude

So today I promised Mommy
I'd let her come and play
I'll try to get along with her
There's not much more to say

I must admit that she is cute
Precious as a little boot
So love to you I'm sending
With hope of happy ending.

~ Raena ~
Copyright February 1, 2004

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