Come on party wag that tail
I feel like I've been in jail
Mom's been busy don't you see
I can't even catch a flea

Boring life it's been for me
She let me loose so now I'm free
Came on line to say hello
Glad that you could join you know

I try to party all day long
Need some friends to dance along
Tell you what I'm gonna do
Have instructions just for you

Now wag that tail and get in line
That's the way you're doing fine
Keep it up now it's not tough
This is gonna get a little rough

Two steps forward then two back
Yeah that's it you got the knack
Keep those tails a waggin fast
This is gonna be a blast

Pick up tempo there you go
Casey you are way too slow
Roamer you are out of step
Lets get it right a little pep

What a time it's gonna be
Dancing to this melody
Isn't it just a perfect day
This is sure the way to play

Lets all sit up and raise our paws
Now give yourself a nice applause
It's been fun with you today
Now tuck those little tails away

Loved to dance with you on line
We can do this any time
Drop a line and let me know
See you kids I gotta go

Need to get a drink real quick
My tongue is now a little thick
Catch you when you're back and then
We can do this dance again.

~ Love Raena ~
Copyright June 19, 2002





Midi "Jambalaya"

Obtained From "Mistie's Country Midi's"

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