Watcha doin Muggsie
I think of you each day
When I saw your picture
It took my breath away

Handsome as a button
Oh yes that's what you are
I need to tell you something
Too bad we live so far

I'd like to take you jogging
Then we'll rest and pause
Don't worry about the beach sand
I have sneakers for your paws

We'll sit along the shoreline
Hug and take a swim
Dry off shake it up a bit
Then we'll hit the gym

When the day is finished
I'll make you such a meal
T-bone steak and gravy
Won't it be surreal

Muggsie I can't tell you
How much I really care
I'm sitting here and thinking
The magic we will share

I hope you like your woman
Big  and fully packed
Don't worry about the obstacles
The cards have all been stacked

Yes I love you Muggsie
And I don't care who knows
Odd couples are real popular
And so the story goes

Come and see me Muggsie
I'm waiting at the door
Tail of mine is waggin
My heart is thumping more.

~ Love Raena  ~


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