Summer's almost over
I'm a bit depressed
No barking through the window
To talk to friends I've met

However, I am happy
Cos I can romp and play
Beach belongs to only me
Right after Labor Day

Don't mean to be so happy
That school has now begun
But life upon my beach now
Is just the greatest fun

Running wild and playing
Fetching that old stick
But never give to Mommy
I never learned this trick

I know I'm a Retriever
Supposed to bring things back
I'd rather her have her fetching
It's much more fun like that

Well this is just a short note
To wish a Happy Day
I've gotta get my bearings
Whoopie it's Labor Day

Message to my little friends
The ones who loved to play
I surely will be missing you
I won't be far away

Study hard and listen
To what your teachers say
Tell them in a book report
You all made Raena's day

The beach is now my heaven
With miles of sand to scan
My nose is double jointed
I love to eat raw clams

Well any way I'm happy
This day is finally here
Have the bestest Holiday
I'll see you back next year.

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