Raena's First Award

From Aunt Katie From Oz


I'm truly flabbergasted
I don't know what to do
Got this in the mail today
My tails a waggin too

I got it from Auntie Kate
She sure was quite a find
I really had to show it off
I know that she won't mind

I really love the likeness
She really captured me
Perfect and professional
Wouldn't you agree?

Talk about my Pedigree
I know I have the look
Aunt Katie she now owns my heart
She's tops in this dog's book

I know how much she loves me
That's very plain to see
Who else would take the time to make
A masterpiece of me

 I hung it in my parlor
And every day I'm here
Looking at this face of mine
Wishing she was near

So I could give a great big kiss
Just like I want to do
Let her know how very much
I really love her too.

~ Love Raena ~
Copyright June 26, 2002


Another Award From Aunt Katie

 Oh Boy! Am I Excited.



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