In Memory of The West Virginia Miners by Francine


They walk in deepest darkness
With friends and family
A token of their glory
Of life's great registry
For they are there together
In laughter and in pain
Their footsteps left forever
In every prayer's refrain
Within the depths of sorrow
That fill each family's heart
Their voices live forever
Within each echo's part
The silence now is endless
The voices all have ceased
And yet there is the glory
Of joys their life increased
Memories shall linger
As every door shall close
A new one shall be opened
Courageous stories told
For danger is the knowledge
That each one had to bear
And words of meditation
Of every prayer we hear
Faces filled with coal dust
Painful days of past
All these days and moments
Forever always last
For these are all our brothers
Who've given all their best
In danger and in constant fear
Of every day's new quest
We shall hear their laughter
We shall know their fears
We shall know the sadness
Of family filled with tears
Today I met a miner
Who smiled with gentle sigh
"I'm sleeping now forever
In ambient blue sky."
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 10, 2005


Midi Entitled " Inspiration" by Roger Needham

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