Seems like only yesterday
My thoughts of life rebound
Chairs are setting on the porch
With memories I've found

House of life now worn with age
Yet every inch has glow
Remembrances of long ago
They swiftly come and go

Time I spent within your arms
The laughter that we shared
Knowing that within our life
Such magic not compared

Echoes of the gentle sounds
That live within this place
Happy sounds of laughing
It fills my heart with grace

Days may come and they may go
Each day a treasured part
Of all the beauty of our life
The canvas of God's art

Walking in our destiny
We took each step designed
Knowing that this legacy
Our hearts of love entwined.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright August 19, 2001


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Midi "Memory" Performed and composed by ©Yuko Ohigashi

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