He won my heart with flowers
He entered a sweet place
With thoughtful gift of beauty
Love bonded me with grace

A gift of money for him
To buy a gift or two
His special trip to candy store
His pocket closed like new

A thoughtful look he gave me
I'd like to go in there
The florist I said with a smile
He said oh yes, stay here

This little precious baby
A little more than three
He walks into the flower shop
As happy as could be

He looked up at the flowers
His eyes so filled with light
He never saw so many
Smile was big and bright

Walked over to the owner
Put his money down
Said I need some flowers
The man he walked around

The little boy said this one
I'd like these flowers please
The owner he looked at him
Smiling he agreed

He took three special flowers
Bright yellow touched with red
Added little baby's breath
The boy tilted his head

The flowers are so pretty
Do I have enough for these
The owner said its just enough
Two dollars in pennies

The little boy was happy
With flowers in his view
Walked right out to meet me
Said these flowers are for you

This gift I always treasure
From little boy who knew
That gift of love that's given
Will come straight back to you.

 ~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright 2000


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Midi Entitled "Gentle Love" by Bruce DeBoer

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