~ Tenderly ~

He walked into my life one day
Never has he left
Although we do not share this life
My heart his welcome guest

The tears I feel from deep within
When he is not with me
The longing that is in my soul
Will haunt me endlessly

The years of dreams I spend in time
They soothe my heart somehow
Forever he will live in me
Our dreams resigned for now

Perhaps another life will come
He will play for me
The song I yearn to hear
Written tenderly

For now my sweetest memory
Is deep within my heart
A place that always holds my dreams
Never will they part

He is the shadow in my life
That follows tenderly
The shadow that I love to see
That brings great peace to me.

Francine Pucillo~
©Copyright 2000

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Midi "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Performed by Margi Harrell


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