So many years together
We shared each other's love
Talked and shared our pleasures
With dreams we both spoke of

Always and forever
 I knew you'd be a part
Someone held so dearly
Forever in my heart

The years have gone so swiftly
Yet we are still the same
Our thoughts within our childhood
Like yesterday remain

Remembering the beauty
The laughter and the tears
The sadness of tomorrow's
All these many years

Yet here we are together
Just like I knew we'd be
Helping hold each other
As we share sweet memories

What more in life can I expect
Then to have someone so close
Walking side by side with me
To help me share my woes

You have always been to me
The freshness of new spring
While we are remembering
Who knows what autumn brings

Sweet beauty of our friendship
Now carved like sweet rosettes
The beauty of this journey shared
Has been life's sweet vignette

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright 2000

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The midi is "Clouds Roll" by Bruce DeBoer

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