As reverent prayers have all been said
Hearts are gathered in their stead
Offering our heartfelt praise
For every Soldier's courage raised

No fear of death for freedom's reign
So constant is their heart's refrain
For God and Country and all I love
I give the soul that you speak of

These words repeated through the years
With rivers filled with all our tears
We bow our heads with grateful pause
Our heroes cast a shadow tall

Each day they march with heads held high
And we all bow as they walk by
For we have learned in many ways
No greater love in life displays

Courage born of brave and might
In every battle through each fight
Their sacrifice so great to give
For Freedom's Light to always live

And we shall see what we have lost

For Freedom's "gain" our greatest cost

Knowing that their love was gathered

Through colors that have always mattered.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright April 7, 2004/2007



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