With crown and all her glory
Her banner raised in awe
Of freedom that she stands for
From sea to sands of shore
She gathers all her people
With pride and love she shares
Holds them up to honor
This is the heart she bears
With stars and stripes forever
With crown of royal grace
Her beauty will astound you
Her freedom heart's embrace
She marches for us daily
She holds the flag with pride
She gives to us the bounty
Of love we cannot hide
I'm proud she is my mentor
Her soldier and her friend
With loyalty and valor
Our alliance never ends
She holds a land of glory
Forever at her feet
She fights for justice daily
Her loyalty won't cease
And so we see her glowing
With love that we all share
The picture of such honor
This Lady that we share
So hold your head up proudly
Look beyond the sky
See her colors flying
With love for you and I.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright November 27, 2006


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