One nation made of hope and dreams
Who walk in freedom's Liberty
Life for us is not the same
But always shall our hearts remain
We fight a war with good intentions
We share our freedom unrelenting
Our heroes die throughout the ages

Each truth of freedom turns life's pages




I praise their Glory in God's Name

For all who never died in vain
For they have given all they could
In freedom's light that's understood
To those who mock our way of life
Who burn our flag with such delight
You never will defeat our cause
One nation blessed without a pause
For there upon each sacred place
Our gallant soldier's we embrace
Who left a mark that we can trace
With courage that we can't erase
America you'll always be
A nation born of Liberty
Stand up proud and hold steadfast

For freedom's light shall always last




Throughout this life there is division

With thoughts of ways in different visions
But united in the stand we take
With God and Country for our sake
Within the amber waves of grain
With skies of blue our colors reign
We are the presence of our land
For God and Country ~ love commands.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 30, 2005

Today, for no particular reason I was thinking of what America means to
me, even with all the unrest and uncertainty in our life and the knowledge that
we have to be vigilant even in our nation of freedom. I still feel a certain pride
and calmness in the security of "the people" of this land to stand up for
what is right and just. And so it is today, on a cool breezy autumn morning
that I thought, how privileged I am to be part of this great nation. To see a flag
waving in it's glory against the blue sky. To know that so many have died
for the privilege of my living in this great land and so I wanted to thank
everyone who sacrificed and gave all they had, in most instances, even
their life, for me to be free.  Freedom is not free, and has a heavy cost
and throughout the ages we have seen many hero fall and many who have
carried our colors on foreign soil in our attempts to help all those
 who have asked us to join in the fight for freedom's cause. We were
there for them and they have been there for us.
There are many who criticize us and the war on terror now seems so
endless as those who would be willing to blow themselves to pieces for what
they believe in. It is hard for us to think that this type of action on their part
is normal but for those indoctrinated in this cause since they were children
it is indeed second nature to them. It is something unconscionable to us.
 So I pause and think, what kind of deliverance is that for their death.
What does it say to others in their country. It says that they are martyrs
 and how can we as a nation change a thought process that they have been
indoctrinated and brainwashed into.  So I believe that this war seems endless
and our men and women are in grave danger, but throughout every war our
soldiers have been in harm's way and have always stood tall. I know that
our soldiers face evil incarnate in this war and that all of us worry
about their ability to help those who seek freedom. Yet we are a union
of many different nationalities and religions who fight for the right of those
 who want to be free. What glory in their courage.  What beauty in their spirit.
I thank the men and women of our country, the husbands, wives, mothers,
 fathers, sisters and brothers and all family members who wait for their 
loved ones to return.  I give them my heart, my soul and my all.
 I consider them all a part of a family of a great nation who
 sees their heart and soul and most definitely their courage.
Remembering always to pray for their safe return.
So let it be written on the wind in all the dark places that they
roam that our hearts are joined with them through every waking
moment in every day and through the darkness of the night
when the stars shine upon their hearts, may they feel the courage
and love of one grateful nation that is shared constantly.
To all who have joined us and who are constantly by our side
as allies and friends, in an effort to capture freedom's glory,
I say, with all honestly and sincerity it has been our
pleasure to walk with you through every storm we have
faced in our history. "It is better to light one little candle
than to stumble in the dark" ~ you have been that flame
that we shall hold close to our hearts forever.
~ Love in constant wave ~
We salute you all
~ Francine Pucillo ~
September 30, 2005

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