To God Be the Glory
Of Land that we see
With Mountains that reach
God's clouds heavenly

All filled with a softness
That eyes will reflect
The gift of all nature
God's gift so perfect

What greater love given
In life on God's earth
Then sharing this wealth
Because of our birth

Mountains and rivers
Valleys and streams
Carefully placed
For Land of our dreams

America's bounty
Upon all the Land
A gift from the Father
Who reaches His Hand

To hold all who need Him
So close to His Heart
To praise all His children
His greatest life's art

He smiles on us daily
In flowers that bloom
In trees that stand tall
His nature now looms

He gives to us shelter
Within this our Land
The pride of America
With grace love expands.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright July 7, 2002

Music "America the Beautiful"

 Performed by H.J. Gaudreau Fireside Melody

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