Years have past with many gone
Who gave their greatest fight
But from afar within the sky
These soldiers now unite
Looking down upon the crown
Of what was meant to be
Saluting in their uniforms
By what they finally see
So many soldiers of this War
Are leaving us each day
But memories will now live on
By every story saved
For now a part of history
Is reverently displayed
In honor of those many lives
We salute with love today
To all our mighty warriors
Who gave and gave again
To make this nation what it is
We valiantly commend
We are filled with pride for all
For every breath they gave
Each one of them a testament
Of united hearts so brave
So the hours of their lives
Are sacred for the living
Within this great Memorial
Their hearts in constant rhythm
Those who walk the roads today
Will show us with great pride
How tall our soldiers of this War
Cast shadows that reside
And so it is that they are born
In courage and devotion
For every one today in life
Is filled with such emotion
Each and every battle cry
Is echoed through the years
With pride and such accomplishment
Unmarked by any fears
For soldiers marching into War
With truth and honor told
Freedoms greatest treasury
The essence of pure gold
Today we hear their voices shout
From sea to shining sea
No greater love a soldier gave
Then Freedom's guarantee.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright May 29, 2004


Today May 29, 2004 The National WWII Memorial is slated

for dedication. Paying tribute to the many Armed Forces who died

in this war and for the many who supported this cause at home.


The National Memorial site is located between the Washington

Monument and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.


This memorial to our men and women of WWII is a long awaited

monument for the courage and the devoted loyalty of our

Soldiers of the great war. It is with pride and an extreme deep

abiding love for those patriots who gave their lives and their

souls to this cause. For those living who still remember the

horrors of the war and live with it each day, I say to them that

the love they have given and the sorrows they go through

make them extraordinary human beings.



The carefully planned and majestic testament to our

Soldiers of WWII is most extraordinary and has great meaning

for all our brave hearts who gave so much, so willingly

and without reservation for the freedom that will always

be a part of their valor.


I dedicate this page to my dear friend and WW II

veteran Douglas Caffey (Doc) 509th Composite Bomb Group,

58th Wing, of the 20th Air Force, who I have come to

know and love through his wonderful poems and gifts

he has given this life just by being in it.


So Doc this one's for you, and all those who

have given of themselves so unselfishly.

Love Francine


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