She wandered in the attic
There before her eyes
The man that she had married
Life's joy she realized

The uniform still fit him
Just like years ago
Weeping she did bid good-bye
His fate she did not know

So handsome and so radiant
He really was right there
Within her mind his presence
Appearing from thin air

Letters that he'd written
Each one a treasury
Preserved in life forever
Such comfort endlessly

Sitting here reflecting
Of time in life they missed
Just one year together
Eternally exists

War had called her husband
He served his country well
Held her close and whispered
So much I need to tell

Walked down path of yesterday
While sitting in this place
Her heart with such emotion
As tears now stained her face

Remembering with beauty
The last day that they kissed
Knowing that forever
It would always be like this

Winked at her and softly said
Darling I am here
Just like all those years ago
Now don't you shed a tear

For I have walked so many times
With you along the way
Holding you with all my might
Until this present day

She read the letter once again
The last one that he sent
Felt his presence all around
Such loving sentiments

Flag was flying in the sky
Those colors never fade
He stood so tall in glory now
The music softly played

He took her hand and held her close
Their hearts now beat as one
Together now their spirits soar
Their dreams have just begun.

~Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright July 9, 2002

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