For all my life the flag has waved
Her colors bright for us engraved
We'll always hold her way up high
With victory she fills the sky

I'm proud to hold her close to me
For better than security
She makes me feel that I belong
Her loyalty is brave and strong

Sometimes tattered worn with age
Her victory in life portrayed
Upon the fields of wars we fought
She's waved the colors we have brought

The red the white the blue and stars
Has worn the bravest of all scars
Upon the soldiers in their graves
Her love for them her constant wave

I praise her each and every day
My love for her won't fade away
For in my heart the colors bright
That lets me know her love unites

Majestic horses make their way
Above their heads our grand display
Flag of courage flies so free
Freedom graced with liberty

The patch of blue within the sky
Reflection of our freedom high
With colors taking grandest place
With history we can embrace

She's worn her colors bright and free
With God and Country unity
I pledge to her each day with pride
My heart and hers are unified.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright July 15, 2002

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