Where comrades rest beyond the blue

The thought of spirits haunting you
The ships and planes and men who share
The history of battle's wear
You reach them with a touch of grace
With love's compassion you can trace
The graves of all the many fought
To bring this nation what was sought
And there beneath the cold deep sea
A friend to you and friend to me
Now resonates with colors warm
Resting through life's awful storm
A reason why the tides will rage
With power in life's center stage
A soldier's glory never dies
His spirit lives within your eyes
We add to tears that fill the ocean
To everyone with great devotion
Forgotten not for all they gave
This is the LOVE in life we save.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright July 24, 2006
This poem Dedicated to
"C. Doug  Caffey"
 Disabled WWII, veteran
having served in the
Army Air Corps (1943-1946)
 509th Composite Bomb Group, 58th Wing.
Doug is a very special friend who loves
his country and fought for her with great
valor during WWII.
Doug has to be one of the most kind and
unassuming people I have come to know.
He is my friend for so many reasons but
the most significant is that he gave his all for
his country and suffers the trauma of it
with recurring nightmares of the war.
Time takes it's toll on the life of a solider
who gives from the heart and soul.
I applaud this man's courage and stamina
to live through the war and have the courage
to live through the nights of dreams of
the horrors of it  throughout his life.
Such a price to pay for freedom.
Such a great man whose footprints
left on these shores shall be forever
honored in my heart and soul.
God Bless America
God Bless C. Doug Caffey
and all those who gave their all.
"Flaps Down"
With Great Love and Respect
for my friend "Doug"
Love Francine

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