Garden of Life's Emotions by Francine ~ Happy New Year



The clock in life keeps ticking

With memories we share
A moment of our treasures
Makes us all aware
No matter what our problems
No matter what our fears
We all are one together
With hope for this New Year
Perhaps you lost a loved one
Or someone needs your care
No matter what the circumstance
Our hearts are joined and near
In life we gather riches
The ones we know are there
A gentle kiss or hug we give
Through love just can't compare

 So hold on to your memories

The ones that give us hope
For life is filled with treasures
Which helps us all to cope
For all the hours passing
For all the time that blends
My wish for you this New Year
The love that never ends.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©December 28, 2008


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