Love she gives is always there
So grateful for the heart we share
Gives me joy with blessings of
Little things she does with love

Feel my soul so filled with pride
By tenderness she cannot hide
These the things that make me know
Her gracious beauty always shows

My little one so filled with care
A mother's answer to a prayer
Light she shines will always be
Joyfulness of love I see

Mother's gift of love so fine
Gift she gives is saved in time
Memories of her gentleness
Will live on with a thankfulness

Sure that she will always be
My pride and joy just naturally
Every kindness she portrays
Within my heart it always stays

Reflections of a mother's heart
Is the gift my soul imparts
When she grows then she will know
How love can pass this gentle glow.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright 2002

Midi Entitled "The Gift" by ©Bruce DeBoer

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