My Mom's An Angel

Mom you're just the greatest
The rarest of all jewels
So glad that you're my Mother
The kids all say you're cool

Surely you're an angel
Your Halo shiny bright
Whenever you walk in the room
Need shades to dim the light

Whenever I'm in trouble
You always are right there
No matter what the problem
It's settled fair and square

Someone really special
Loving ~ kind ~ unique
Woman of the hour
No one can compete

I just thought I'd tell you
I'll do my very best
To make this day so special
Want you just to rest

Okay I gotta go now
See you dinner time
No matter what your making
Today it will be fine

I need my special jersey
The one that's wash n wear
Want to look just special
To prove how much I care

Don't worry about the garbage
Dad will take it out
He promised that he'd do it
Didn't even pout

This is gonna be a great day
I know it I can tell
Catch you in a little while
Gosh you're really swell

Call me if you need me
I'm gonna go on line
Going to the chat room
"Mothers Are Divine"

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 6, 2002

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