Special hearts in heaven
Your flowers waiting there
They rest upon the velvet
God's answer to your prayer

Although your hearts are heavy
Today love's gentle glow
Upon the softest petal
They reach the earth below

Whatever day you need them
Forever they'll come by
Bright their ray of sunshine
They  fly down from the sky

Each one God's inspiration
Their wings so softly flow
Upon your hearts forever
The love you'll always know

He knows that you all miss them
Just say a little prayer
Wings of sweet surrender
Forever will be there

Upon your hearts forever
Angel's wings shall stay
With you till the end of time
Love never fades away

Watch them as they gather
On petals soft and light
Sending down their blessings
While Mother's hearts ignite

Soft the wings that gather
Upon the clouds above
Wishing you a Mother's Day

With petals filled with love.

Happy Mother's Day
From Your Angels Way on High

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 8, 2002



Midi "Tears On A Rose" by Elan Michaels

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