You will see the butterflies
That fill a garden bright
The softness of a mother's love
That's holding you so tight

A moment that won't fade away
The gift of love this special day
Upon your heart a blessing shared
The joy of love you can't compare

Breezes now we gather lightly
Softly as the sun shines brightly
Feel the warmth upon your soul
Mother's heart you'll always hold

Times in life we share together
Touch of love we feel forever
Remembrances that never fade
Each day you turn a golden page

Then a moment you'll remember
Sweet warm day in nature's splendor
Hearts were joined in love we share
This bond of life forever there

So there are gentle words we say

Our memories won't fade away

For all that you have given me

Is in my heart perpetually.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 8, 200

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