Now I lay me down to sleep
With precious love she always speaks
Words that fill a child's sweet heart
With the words that never part

Looking at the sky above
I thank the Lord for Mother's love
Always she is at my side
To love and comfort be my guide

Such a gift God gave to me
My mother loves so naturally
Sent to me with special prayer
The beauty of her always there

Each night before I rest my head
My mother's there right by my bed
Tucks me in with so much pride
Makes me feel so warm inside

What a blessing that I share
This special love that's always there
See her gently bend to touch
The hair she loves to fix so much

This my prayer to God above
Thank you for my mother's love
Treasured time while I'm in bed
The softest lips that touch my head.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright May 2001


Midi Composition Entitled "Lullaby2" by Bruce DeBoer


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