Cooking something special
Mom It's just for you
Thought about it all week long
Planned it all year too

Know I'm not the best of cooks
But really that's okay
Come a little earlier
I'll need your help today

I won't let you do the work
I just need you near
Want this to be the very best
So need your input here

Pots they will be jumping
We'll just sit and talk
Kids won't bother you too much
I'll send them for a walk

What have you been craving for
The recipe's on line
Found a few for Mother's Day
They truly look divine

What a bright idea I had
Come the night before
Want to have a special feast
We'll bond again once more

Any thing you want to eat
I'll write the list and then
Would you please just pick it up
Just honk when you pull in

I can't wait for this special day
It comes but once a year
We'll just have the grandest time
Your day is finally here.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright May 8, 2002

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