Mother's heart is so complete
Touched by gentleness she speaks
Words of love that's always there
Within her heart her special prayer

That you will be the one who knows
What beauty in the world still flows
Perhaps the answer in her eyes
Her precious bundle in disguise

Beauty born of love we see
The song of sweetest harmony
Safe from harm and glory bright
Tonight the flame you will ignite

Glow of life on earth now born
Peacefulness with love new dawn
Making bright the way for all
Such tenderness her special shawl

Mother's heart the path she gives
Beauty in the love that lives
Gentle one so pure in thought
Gift of life she now has brought

Love it never fades away
It says with us and comes our way
Spirit born new breath we share
Mother's heart the gift we wear.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright April 2002



Midi entitled "The Gift" by Bruce DeBoer

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