Hello God, it's me again
Just called to say hello
Thinking about my Mom today
Wanted You to know

I'm glad that I was chosen
To be part of her life
So pleased with Your decision
It all turned out so right

She was something special
From the first day that we met
Really want to tell You
There's nothing I regret

What a perfect Mother
You blessed me with back then
Every time I think of her
I smile and say Amen

All the love she's given me
Has taken me so far
I really have to let You know
That she's Your brightest star

I look upon her face and say
What beauty I can see
The sacrifice and love she gave
It came so naturally

What a special time to say
To me she was the best
Want to thank You very much
For the time she was life's guest

Memories within my heart
These treasures always stay
I know that Mom is with you
On this very special day

Always felt she made mistakes
You know that is not true
She surely did the very best
That any Mom can do

Knowing you will celebrate
This day that Mothers share
If you get a minute please
Send message and a prayer

Tell her that I'm proud to be
The child she bore on earth
That everything she did for me
Has given so much worth

If a tear within her eye
Should fall upon her cheek
Please Dear God comfort her
This gift from You I seek

Tell her that her little girl
Is happy she was here
Feel her always close to me
Her laughter always near

One more thing, I have to say
Before I say Good night
Thank You God for giving me
My mother's eyes so bright.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright May 2001~2007


Dedicated to those mother's who

left this earth and who's children

constantly see the world through

their beautiful eyes.

Midi Composition Entitled "Sweet One" by Bruce DeBoer


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