A Mother's heart forever there
As gentle as a morning prayer
The touch of love that carries on
The pattern we have cleaved upon
Within our life this special treasure
A Mother's love we cannot measure
The closely woven cloth we share
Is always stitched with tender care
So on this day there's much to say
To thank you for the love each day
The love you gave as it is told
Is scripted in the purest gold
The heart of love it beats so true
Each beat a song that's meant for you
How sweet the song that lives within
That echoes in the gentle winds
Dear Mother you are at my side
In every child that's filled with pride
For you are in the thoughts we share
With beauty that's beyond compare
The sacrifices you have made
Sincerely makes your love cascade
Your gentle ways and constant caring
The precious shawl we're always wearing
Each flower in a sweet bouquet
With fragrance of a sun drenched day
Is token of each bounty blessed
Upon your heart with love professed
We thank you for the love we know
The tender love you always show
The beauty of your heart defined
The treasured love that God designed.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright May 1, 2006

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Midi Obtained From Arlene's Meaningful Midis

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