Gentle as the morning dew
Mother's heart is there for you
Reaching for you tenderly
Makes you feel so heavenly

Smile she gives a perfect gift
Gives your spirit such a lift
Eyes so filled with love and care
That sparkle it is always there

See her beauty every day
In the words she has to say
Mother's heart so pure and safe
Warms your soul with gentle lace

If you fall she's always there
Lifting you like breath of air
Holding you with warmth you feel
That every hurt will always heal

Such a gift on earth for me
My treasure for eternity
As the years move on so fast
Treasured times will always last

Sit beside me take your rest
Upon this earth I have been blest
For always in my heart you'll be
Love that lives on endlessly.
~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2002-2207


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