So gently I will place you
This cradle is my heart
Warmth and love I give you
This life a brand new start

Feel my love surround you
My sweetest child I give
Hands that will protect
For each day that I live

For when my job is finished
Then you'll grant to me
The tenderness of beauty
For all the world to see

Hand that rocks this cradle
Will some day grow quite old
But love that is my treasure
Will reap for me like gold

Teaching of the softness
The touch of love will show
This joy will come in circles
Mother's heart will glow

This gentleness beside you
Will shelter you through years
No gift will be more treasured
Your touch my life premiers.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright 2002






Midi Entitled "Until Tomorrow" by ©Bruce DeBoer.

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