Never feel alone in life
No matter where I go
Portrait of such majesty
It makes my heart aglow

Softness falls upon me
Like quiet of the land
Reaching for this pleasure
It makes my mind expand

Sky so brightly shining
Warmth that I love most
Heart just wanders aimlessly
While nature is my host

Mountains call to me out loud
Their presence very grand
Eyes look to the sculpture of
Nature's gracious hand

Tree to give me shelter
Comfort of soft breeze
Shades of life that beckons me
Fills my life with ease

Alone ~ oh no I'm not alone
For standing in my midst
Gift of nature's treasury
Vision I've not missed.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 6, 2002

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Midi is provided with permission by sequencer and performer Yuko Ohigashi.

  This is an original composition entitled "Don't Go"

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