Sitting on the grass below
See our bridge of years ago
Crossing over to your side
Held your hand when I arrived

Love is there it always stays
Memories live within those days
Hear your laughter in the air
Turn around and you are there

My heart it skips and races fast
I run to you like in the past
Reach the other side and know
Memories deep inside now grow

Feel the same as I did then
Emotions held so deep within
Realize that you are gone
Know that now I must live on

Hold me close I feel you near
Wipe away that flowing tear
Heard you call my name last night
Brought me here in endless flight

Take my hand and walk with me
Years we shared held reverently
Cross the bridge and always smile
Each day with you was so worthwhile.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright March 3, 2002

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