Now I'm in my Garden 
Where Cherry trees abound
The landscape is so beautiful
Such treasures will be found

I hope I brought you sunshine
That's what you gave to me
I am going off to Heaven's Gate
To live on endlessly

I have some friends to meet me
I know they will be there
Two special friends will love me
They always will be near

I'll wait at Heaven's Gate for you
I'll be there with our friends
We'll run across God's meadow
Together once again

I know that you will miss me
It hurts so deep inside
I want to run and play again
On earth my heart resides

I'll watch you all from heaven
I'll run across the field
Will roam with Muff and Buddy
We'll be three musketeers

So now it's time to leave you
I couldn't love you more
I know that you will grieve me
But hear these words for sure

I never will be far away
Remembrances will stay
Think of me with happiness
I want it just that way

You gave to me a castle
While I was on God's earth
A Mom and Dad who loved me
My life had so much worth

Gosh I see my friends now
I have to run and play
See you in God's Meadow
We'll be meeting there one day.


With All My Love
1984 - 2000

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2000







  Midi "Soul Song" by Bruce DeBoer



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