He sits in regal splendor
His special friend has passed
Waiting for a gentle touch
They wait with patient stance

The beauty of a treasured gift
Who loves you with pure heart
A compliment to life this joy
Steadfast from the start

A testament of love received
These treasures of our life
Forever loyal brave and true
Their hearts for you ignite

Sadly he will gaze upon
The one who loved him so
This is the way of life for those
Who give us peaceful glow

They walk with us within this life
They give to us their love
With unconditional beauty
The kind the heart knows of

When their time has come to pass
Our hearts in deepest woe
What can we do but talk about
The joy these loved ones show

A tribute to our friends in life
Who give to us their best
The love and peace we always knew
Was there at our request

Sadly now our eyes do weep
For love that's gone to sleep
No more to walk right next to you
Those memories we keep

We bid good-bye to special friend
The ones that always show
The loyalty of tenderness
The love that they bestow

For now they go to heaven's gate
Enter with God's praise
For all the love they gave on earth
God's creatures are repaid

A special place is there for those
Who's loyalty achieved
A meadow in God's special land
For joy and love received.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001





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Midi Entitled "Once You Had Gold" by Enya

Obtained From " Cursum Perficio"



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