Such a lazy day today
Don't feel like I want to play
Wishing though that you were here
Love to have you very near

Quiet times they are okay
Makes the time just slip away
Want to grow up big and strong
Perhaps to you I will belong

Need a friend that's loyal true
Want to come and live with you
All I need is gentle love
A special kind I'm thinking of

You to watch me as I grow
Me to show the joy you'll know
Happy when you say my name
Wag my tail and feel such fame

I will be your perfect mate
I'll show you love you can't mistake
The friend that always will be there
Give you love you can't compare

Today I give my loyal heart
I know that we will never part
Perfect friendship all entwined
With gentle love that we've designed.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright January 15, 2002

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