Memories we gather within our hearts to stay

The journey of a lifetime it never fades away

Times of joy and laughter and all that gets us through

A touch of warmth and sunshine forever next to you

In life our great companions to help us every day

Their love is always endless it shows in every way

Companions who are loyal are gifts in life received

By every moment captured and every day retrieved

Marco now in heaven where fields of grass are sweet

Resting in his special place with happiness complete

Although on earth we'll miss him there's one thing we will share

The times on earth we treasured are measured everywhere

And so as with his passing our hearts are filled with woe

Remembering his Loyal Heart is happiness we know

We keep him always present in every single day

Remembering his spirit has touched our life this way.


Francine Pucillo

©Copyright June 10, 2006

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The Picture Above is Marco's Brother, Adwin.

He has Gone To Rainbow Heaven On June 1st, 2006.

In this life he was an Asian Champion,
Malaysian Grand Champion
Teliqua Adwin of Rightroyale's CD.


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