Garden of Life's Emotions by Francine




So many years we traveled
With time and love you gave
Each moment of life's beauty
Forever shall be saved
The time you held and loved me
I felt it through each day
A treasure of God's Blessing
Was here with me to stay
I ran and played and frolicked
You laughed at me and cared
I want to thank you all for
The love that we all shared
Now I'm in God's heaven
Where I am free to roam
To see the green hill mountains
With crystal streams called home
And I am ever grateful
That I was with you here
You gave me all the beauty
And kept me always near
Know that I will always
Remember you with love
While I am in this special place
In rainbow's glow above.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright April 3, 2005


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