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In life we wont' forget you

And all the love you gave

Our meeting it was meant to be

With memories engraved

We never will forget you

With gentle thoughts we share

You always are a part of us

The love that stays right here

A day in life will not go by

When we won't think of you

The joy you gave to all of us

The love that was so true

We know that you're safely home

In places that are blest

Our hearts forever with you there

Where loyal hearts live best

So run in snowfields soft and cool

With paths that God preserves

Free of pain and filled with joy

That you so well deserve

Knowing that you touched our life

With memories we treasure

We know that you are in a place

Where all that love is measured.


~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright February 5, 2004




The Mitchell family found Teka while traveling on

a road. They picked her up and brought her into

their life where she stayed until she passed in

October of 2003. She gave them immeasurable love

and caring that they will treasure always.

Teka is an  Icelandic word for female dog. ~


If you would like to contact the Mitchell Family about their loss
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