For all the years you gave to me

My heart was filled with joy

With every step along the way

The road was never long

You gave to me the happiness

That filled my heart with grace

For it was you who gave to me

The love that I embrace

The memories I treasure

Are with me every day

For you will be a part of me

That in my heart will stay

Your loving me a special gift

That I would not forget

For it was unconditional

And surely was the best

Now you play within the fields

Where beauty is designed

For every single loyal heart

God's Rainbow land assigned

Although our life's on separate roads

The one thing that I know

All the footsteps that we made

Has left a special glow.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright September 8, 2004

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An Original Midi "Comfort" by

 Jalal Ali *Jalal's Musical Compositions* 



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