Beloved Champ
July 13, 2002

In life my heart's companion
Forever at my side
With loyalty and dignity
Such love he did provide

For years my sweetest shadow
Wherever I did go
His eyes of deep compassion
I knew he loved me so

Each day his life beside me
The joy he gave so free
My faithful sweet companion
He meant so much to me

I held him close his final day
I looked into his eyes
I knew that he was leaving
So hard to realize

To let him go so difficult
So hard in life to bear
The loss of love so beautiful
With loyalty so rare

God will call him sweetly
Make him feel okay
Tell him that his Mamma's heart
Is never far away

Then the gates will open
All friends of his will call
Those that left before him
They welcome one and all

And Jesus smiles so sweetly
He welcomes Champ with glee
So now you just go run and play
There's rainbows here you see

Miles and miles of beauty
That you can call your own
This special place while waiting
When family will come home

You will run to greet them
You'll cross that bridge of friends
When all your earthly family
Will join you once again

So find that tree that cools you
That butterfly to chase
With all your special loyal hearts
You've reached God's special place.


~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright July 14, 2002


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