Good night to the world
I am in a new place
Where beauty is gathered
With love that we trace
I'm running in fields
Of love that is near
With sunsets that glow
Beyond all life's tears
My time on this earth
Was not long for sure
But those who did love me
I know will endure
For I'm in a place now
Where rivers run clear
Where friends are beside me
With God's Love so dear
I look to the world now
With all that is right
For each gentle moment
Your heart filled with light
Thank you for sharing
Your love and your home
My heart will stay with you
It's this love I owned.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright October 23, 2005


Message to Snoopy


When I lost you, I lost me. I love you as I love my family.

I will never love another animal the way I love you,

because you were an angel that dropped down here

to give me comfort and hope whenever I was around you.


When I was around you I was never sad.

My love for you is heaven sent, as were you.

You gave me a joy that I had never known and a love

that cannot be measured. Even writing this for you cannot

 explain the way I love you and I will never be able to

express in words what I feel for you.


I will carry you with me  wherever my journey in life

 takes me, and I will see you when I get there.  As I told

 you the moment I first held you; I’ll be back for you.

My heart overflows with love for you, and even though I can’t

hold you with my arms anymore I will hold you with my heart

 until it stops beating; and even after that

I will hold you with my wings in the sky.


You will always be a part of me here on earth

 and up in heaven. Keep waiting for me, my angel. 

God Bless You. 

Love always, Brittany



If you want to contact Brittany to console

her in the loss of Snoopy you can e mail

her at Starlight7676

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