Walks we took throughout the years

Were many many miles

For every footprint we have made

Our days were filled with smiles

You gave to us your loyalty

Your honor brave and true

In times of tears and sorrow

These memories come through

Through days of joy and happiness

Your love it shall remain

The force of love is always there

It takes away life's pain

In every day that comes to pass

We treasure all you gave

It's all the days of tender love

Within this life we'll save

Our hearts were filled with sorrow

The day we had to part

And yet we knew the answer

You'd always hold our heart



For you were all the beauty

That filled our life with love

The joy of all the hours

With joy that we speak of

All our morning greetings

The sweet and gentle kiss

These are the moments

Within our life we'll miss

In life you were my shadow

Forever at my side

But now your precious paw prints

Remembered with such pride

For love is there in every moment

Within this life we knew

Our sweet and precious Coco

Your "Love" our gift so true

Your shadow ever present

In all the years we've known

A treasure filled with loyal gifts

Now makes our hearts your home.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright August 2, 2007

Coco the beloved loyal heart of the Pendergrass

family crossed over "Rainbow Bridge" on July 27, 2007.

He was fourteen and a half years old when he passed.

It is so difficult to say goodbye to a friend who has shared

so many of your waking days and hours of life.

 Each morning when Coco woke up he would respond

to "Good Morning Coco" with a big kiss.

Coco's Mom told me that during life he was her shadow,

followed her wherever she went and gave her such joy, as

he did all the members of the family.

During their life together they spent many miles

walking together, in fact they would walk five miles

each day. When it was time to say "nite nite" he would go in

the bedroom and get on his blanket by the bed.

On July 27 Coco went to a very special place where

he will enjoy all the beauty of love and share in the joy

of all those precious "Loyal Hearts" who have deserved

their rewards in life for being faithful, loyal and true friends.

My heart goes out to all of you who will miss Coco each day.

As time passes the loss doesn't seem to heal but the spirit of the

love you feel just grows stronger and in your heart he will always

be the shadow that walks with you on this earth and stays in the

deepest place of your heart. Coco was a gift in life that

will continually live on in your thoughts of his time on earth.


God Bless you Coco ~ You Will Always Be Remembered

"Nite Nite Coco"


Francine Pucillo

If you would like to offer your condolences to the family of

Coco please click on the link below to send an e mail.



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