There always is a place  to go
Where furry friends all meet
Running in the fields of green
With love beyond belief
Imagine all the beauty
You can see in just one day
Each one interacting
Every one at play
Feeling warmth and beauty
In every blade of grass
God is smiling on them
The sunshine always lasts
Telling them how proud He is
To have them gathered there
In his place of every dream
Where love is so aware
Little fields of gracious ones
Receiving every blessing
Happy in this joyful bliss
Each day His Love carressing
Joy in life now gathered
In every running stream
Shades of special rainbows
Reflecting all their dreams
Time in life is over
But love has just begun
For God created all this joy
For every precious one
We think of our tomorrows
Remember yesterdays
But always life's reflections
Brings warmth in every way.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright December 4, 2006
In Memory of all our precious
and Loyal Hearts



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