So many years upon this earth
So many joys we shared
We had you from a little one
Love we shared was next to none

Our time on earth together
It had a special spark
Always in the way you showed
The love within your heart

All memories we gather now
We smile with greatest bliss
For we all know you loved us so
That's why you are so missed

Treasures in this life will flow
You left them on this earth
To us you were that special glow
Your days had so much worth

And so as years may come and go
You'll always have a part
Of love and joy that we all knew
Because of your sweet heart

We shall not forget you
As seasons come and go
Always there's a trace of lace
That captures love we know

And life goes on without you here
But truly you're not gone
For us you were the very best
Whose love goes on and on

So run now in the meadows
Play with all your friends
You have reach your sweet reward
Where Rainbows never end.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright November 5, 2003

Libby was the loyal heart of
Carol Moran and Family

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