Another day in rainbow heaven
A friend of ours arrived
So precious and so wonderful
So treasured and so wise
She said she missed her Mama
She missed her Daddy too
But we just showed her where to go
And now she isn't blue
She said she used to sit by Mom
Cuddle at her feet
Keep her warm and comfortable
And life was so complete
But one day she just had to go
It seems there was no choice
And Justice now is in a place
Where Loyal Hearts rejoice
And yes we all shall miss her
And know that she was here
But looking from that special place
Her love forever near
Daddy took it very hard
He loved his Justice so
Life it seems won't be the same
But that's the way it goes
But Justice says to tell you all
That she is there with you
In memories of love you gave
That made her dreams come true
Upon this earth she left her mark
And waits beyond the path
Where all our loyal hearts will meet
When love is ours to last.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright September 5, 2005


"Josh and Justice"


I write this poem for my friend Fran and her son
who left this precious loyal heart "Justice"
with his Mom when he moved to Florida.
Fran felt so much comfort with "Justice" and has
suffered so much tragedy in her life that I wanted to
make a special place for her and Josh to go to to share
their memory of their most special loyal heart "Justice".
Fran lost her grandson Kendall and his Mommy
Cordae to a despicable act of domestic violence.
Josh was Kendall's Uncle who spent many hours
playing and loving him. It is so hard to lose those
you love so much. Now another sadness for them all.
Fran and Cordae's Mom have spent endless hours
and energy helping to create laws to protect
a great many innocents from domestic violence.
They both have made a difference in many lives.
I am hoping that this will help Fran and her son to
feel the comfort of knowing that all the love that they
gave to their beloved "Justice" will always come back
to them tenfold. At least this is what I pray for.
If you would like to visit her grandchild's page and
Cordae's page on my site just click here:
If you would like to offer your words of comfort and prayers
just e mail Fran at
If you would like to e mail Josh regarding his loss
just click her to do so

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